Dr. Randall Alifano PhD Encourages Couples to Consider Pre-marriage Counseling


Counselor and minister Dr. Randall Alifano PhD reports that skill-based pre-marital counseling leads to more contented marriages and reduces the risk of divorce by as much as 30 percent. Beyond research statistics, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, pre-marriage counseling also significantly reduces the stress of the wedding planning period. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD offers psychospiritual pre-marital counseling that helps to set couples on the right track to a loving and enduring marriage.

Pre-marriage counseling, points out Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, is actually a very practical course that helps form a stronger foundation in relationships and equips couples to anticipate future challenges. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD assists couples in constructively preparing for conflicts that are sure to arise later in a marriage. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD urges couples to harness the fresh unequivocal energy of their love to ensure a beautiful future together.

Using his counseling and ministerial experience, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD helps couples identify and undo potentially negative relationship habits that can become problematic after marriage. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD notes that married couples relate differently to each other than couples that are merely dating or simply living together. Communication skills and problem solving techniques, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, become even more important following a marriage ceremony.

In a society of nuclear families, notes Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, married couples have fewer external support structures than they did in the past. Marriage is complex, adds Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, requiring lovers to balance their careers with starting a family. All the while, continues Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, spouses must continue to express love for each other in warm, kind and novel ways.

To some couples these concerns seem commonplace, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, but that does not always make them easy. Furthermore, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD notes that pre-marriage counseling also equips couples to plan their growth together as a union, to set goals, both individual and mutual, and work toward those goals at a healthy pace. Depending upon the couple, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD usually advises couples to look deeply into the issues that are already surfacing that create relational tensions and begin to map out how they can understand their own and their partners perspective so that they may enter into their commitment of marriage with a clear vision of its demands and rewards.

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